Look, I’m going to rain down food from heaven for you.(Exodus 16:4)


When I got married I hired suits for my best man, my brothers-in-law who were ushers and my bride’s father. Likewise my wife bought a special dress for her oldest friend and bridesmaid. All the people in our wedding party were given the right clothes to wear to our wedding. If any of them had decided not to wear these clothes, provided especially for then to wear on our special day, I think we would have found it quite hard to understand and would have found it difficult not to have felt insulted and very let down. The parable below can be quite difficult to come to terms with if you forget to bear in mind the tradition that many cultures have of providing special clothes for their guests to wear at important banquets, especially weddings. I recommend you read the whole parable (Matthew 22:1-14)
God will always provide for your needs. When he calls you to follow him and you respond with repentance and humility he provides you with new clean clothes. Having washed you away your sins with forgiveness he expects you to wear your new clean clothes.
Likewise, in the wilderness just after they had had been delivered from the Egyptians, God provided bread from heaven because the Israelites were hungry. He expected them to collect it and prepare it according to his instructions


Exodus 16:3-5 NLT

“If only the Lord had killed us back in Egypt,” they moaned. “There we sat around pots filled with meat and ate all the bread we wanted. But now you have brought us into this wilderness to starve us all to death.” Then the Lord said to Moses, “Look, I’m going to rain down food from heaven for you. Each day the people can go out and pick up as much food as they need for that day. I will test them in this to see whether or not they will follow my instructions. On the sixth day they will gather food, and when they prepare it, there will be twice as much as usual.”

Matthew 22:8-14 NLT

And he said to his servants, ‘The wedding feast is ready, and the guests I invited aren’t worthy of the honour. Now go out to the street corners and invite everyone you see.’ So the servants brought in everyone they could find, good and bad alike, and the banquet hall was filled with guests. “But when the king came in to meet the guests, he noticed a man who wasn’t wearing the proper clothes for a wedding. ‘Friend,’ he asked, ‘how is it that you are here without wedding clothes?’ But the man had no reply. Then the king said to his aides, ‘Bind his hands and feet and throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ “For many are called, but few are chosen.”


My goal today is to focus on the truth that God with provide for all of my needs today. However, this is dependant on my obedience and my faith. If I do not follow the instructions and do not trust God, why would I expect him to meet my needs?

Today’s readings:

Exodus 15:19-17:7, Matthew 22:1-33, Psalms 27:1-6, Proverbs 6:20-26


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