The one on whom you see the Spirit descend and rest is the one who will baptise with the Holy Spirit. (John 1:33)


John the Baptist was given the task of identifying Jesus as the Lamb of God. The Messiah. The Lord had given John a very specific sign to watch out for. John says, in the passage below, that he didn’t know Jesus was God’s chosen one by anything Jesus did, or by any special power of intuition John himself might have. John knew Jesus was chosen by God because he saw the Holy Spirit descend upon Jesus like a dove when he baptised him. So Jesus really was a normal man in his outward appearance. But he was a man upon whom the spirit of God was resting. He was a man so pure, so dedicated to God, so holy, that he was able to host the presence of God. He was able to be both, the very presence of God, and entirely human.


John 1:29-34 NLT

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! He is the one I was talking about when I said, ‘A man is coming after me who is far greater than I am, for he existed long before me.’ I did not recognise him as the Messiah, but I have been baptising with water so that he might be revealed to Israel.” Then John testified, “I saw the Holy Spirit descending like a dove from heaven and resting upon him. I didn’t know he was the one, but when God sent me to baptise with water, he told me, ‘The one on whom you see the Spirit descend and rest is the one who will baptise with the Holy Spirit.’ I saw this happen to Jesus, so I testify that he is the Chosen One of God. ”


The whole point of John the Baptist’s ministry had been for the moment when he saw the spirit descend and rest on Jesus. His mission then was to testify to what he had seen and point others in the right direction to follow Jesus. My goal today is to review the signs I have seen that have pointed me towards Jesus. Then having done so, I hope to make it my mission to testify to what I have seen. I hope that in so doing I might also help to point others in the right direction for them to follow Jesus.

Today’s readings:

Judges 13:1-14:20, John 1:29-51, Psalms 102:1-28, Proverbs 14:15-16


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