But you priests have left God’s paths. Your instructions have caused many to stumble into sin. (Mala chi 2:8)


Today’s passage is a warning for us in our own time. It was given originally to the people of Jerusalem by way of explaining why, having rebuilt the temple, God still seemed to be withholding his favour. The priests of the temple had become corrupted and had led the whole nation astray, they had allowed the people to make unworthy offerings to The Lord, such as blind and lame animals. The priests and the people alike, had stopped showing God the reverence and respect that he requires. In our own time, the church has been shown to be corrupt. It has been weakened by child abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church, with the Anglican Church seeming increasing irrelevant in our modern society. As a wise friend once told me when I first became a Christian, people know what they expect from their Christians. They want to be able to look to the church and find the love of God being demonstrated. They want to go there and find instruction and the knowledge of God they need to gain the hope which has been promised. But as things stand, they will be lucky to find any church practising what it preaches.


Malachi 2:5-9 NLT

“The purpose of my covenant with the Levites was to bring life and peace, and that is what I gave them. This required reverence from them, and they greatly revered me and stood in awe of my name. They passed on to the people the truth of the instructions they received from me. They did not lie or cheat; they walked with me, living good and righteous lives, and they turned many from lives of sin. “The words of a priest’s lips should preserve knowledge of God, and people should go to him for instruction, for the priest is the messenger of the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. But you priests have left God’s paths. Your instructions have caused many to stumble into sin. You have corrupted the covenant I made with the Levites,” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. “So I have made you despised and humiliated in the eyes of all the people. For you have not obeyed me but have shown favouritism in the way you carry out my instructions.”


Despite the poor reputation that the church is currently burdened with, the word of God is still true and relevant to all people. It has become my mission to study and understand God’s word so that I might learn to live by it. My goal and my hope is that in so doing, I might be in a position to claim the Lord’s covenant which brings life and peace. I find that I want to live a good, honest and righteous life which reveres The Lord. I want to be able to offer instruction and knowledge of God to those who would seek him, and perhaps help some of them turn from their lonely lives of sin and emptiness. I pray, as I often do, for The Lord to bless me with his wisdom.

Today’s readings:

Malachi 1:1-2:17, Revelation 21:1-27, Psalms 149:1-9, Proverbs 31:10-24


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