TWG Daily Devotionals by Jim Robinson

TWG stands for Thought-Word-Goal. These are the three sections that each daily devotional is divided into. Each devotional contains a passage of scripture at its heart which is introduced by my thoughts about it, and followed by a goal to aim for in applying it to our daily lives.

I was baptised at Easter, 2011 and so I consider myself quite new to faith, church and the Bible. Since then I have been gripped and captivated by what I have found in the Bible. Although not at all surprised that the vast majority of my non Christian friends very rarely if ever read the bible, I was surprised, perhaps naively, to find that many of my new church friends found it hard to pick up their bibles and very few were doing it regularly.

Then one of them, Hywel, emailed me with an idea he’d had to encourage a few of us to be more disciplined with prayer and scripture. He suggested we send a quick email to each each other every morning with a thought, a verse of scripture and our goal for the day. His intention was to encourage a habit of prayer among our circle. Over the next month I got into the habit and after only a few weeks I knew I would do this every day and very quickly this formula for the TWG Daily Devotionals was formed.

I hope reading them regularly will encourage those who wish they read their bibles more often that it is not impossible, that it can be done.

I am reading the New Living Translation using a one year study plan. Each daily devotional text comes from one or more of the passages I read each day. At the bottom of each daily post are the references for my daily readings. If you would like to read more each day than the just the TWG Daily Devotional, then you could start by reading the passages under the heading: Today’s readings.


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